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Cleaning Up

Members (Before you leave!)

Keeping the space clean is of utmost importance. It's part of being awesome for the next member!

  1. Put away and label your project. Include your NAME and CONTACT INFORMATION.
  2. Put tools away - preferably where they belong, but if you're not sure, put them back where you got them.
  3. Close up and put away any chemicals you used in the space. Take home any chemicals you brought to the space.
    1. Open chemicals can lead to severe and possibly fatal respiratory problems, especially in people with asthma. Please be cognizant of this when using chemicals in the space!
  4. Wipe down the work surface you used.
  5. Sweep up sawdust, wires, crumbs, etc. from the floor around your workspace.
  6. Throw out / recycle any trash if the cans are close to full. See HOWTO Take out the trash.

Note: AHA Volunteers are members - not janitors! Members are responsible for picking up after themselves and keeping their projects put away and properly labeled so they aren't mistaken for trash.

Volunteers (Closing up the space)

If you are the last volunteer of the night, you are responsible for doing a quick sweep of the space and completing the following tasks:

Cleaning up

  1. Verify that all projects have been put away and labeled.
    1. If you're confused if something is a project, feel free to ask the Google Group
  2. Pick up / throw away any trash.
  3. Take out the garbage and recycling if either are full. See HOWTO Take out the trash.
  4. Put tools away.
  5. Close up and put away any open chemicals.

Closing up

  1. Make sure no non-members are left in the shop.
    1. Ask to verify membership it you aren't sure. Demonstrate membership by trying 24/7 access (open the door with their membership card).
  2. Verify all electronics are off!
    1. Check soldering irons, oven, hot air rework, etc.
    2. Shutdown all computers.
  3. Verify Laser is turned off.
    1. The powerstrip is located behind the laser, on the floor.
  4. Verify CNCs are turned off.
    1. Check the switches on the control boxes below the monitor.
  5. Turn off lights in the classroom.
    1. Breaker 2 in the classroom breaker panel
    2. Switch near the entrance to the classroom
  6. Turn off lights in the Electronics / 3D Printing room.
    1. The switch is on the wall to the left of the electronics workbench.
  7. Turn off lights to loud noise room.
    1. Switch is behind the double doors in the main space.
    2. If you see the lights on in the Nostrum room, turn them off by flipping the switch inside the room by the door.
  8. Turn off the Open sign.
    1. The switch is on the cord by the front door.
  9. Turn off lights to half of main space.
    1. Switch is to the right of the breaker panel and is labeled "Kick Me."
  10. Turn off lights next to the door as you leave.
    1. The switch is next to the door.

Locking up

If you are the last one in AHA at night (either as a member or volunteer), you must lock up.

  1. Close and lock:
    1. The Main Entryway (may take a few seconds)
    2. The Classroom Door
    3. The Annex Door
  2. As you leave, verify the door to the street is locked.
    1. Sometimes they aren’t locked correctly by Oxford or Afternoon Delight, so don’t sweat it if they aren’t secured -- just do your best.

Other information

  1. If you did something the group should know about, make a post to the Google group! Maybe even a blog entry!

THANK YOU TREMENDOUSLY for your thoroughness!