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Keeping the space clean is of utmost importance. It's part of being awesome for the next member.

  1. Put your project away. Don't leave it on a workbench. Label it so others know it's yours. Name AND contact info!
  2. Put tools back in the places from which you got them, or more correctly the place where they belong.
  3. Wipe down the tables you were using.
  4. Sweep sawdust, wires, etc. from the floor.
  5. Are the trash can bags full? Throw 'em in the dumpster. New bags are in the black "Cleaning Supplies" cabinet.

Locking up

If you are the last one in AHA at night, you must lock up.

  1. Verify the back door is closed and locked.
  2. Lock the door to the space.
  3. Verify the door to the street is locked.

Other information

  1. If you did something the group should know about, make a post to the Google group! Maybe even a blog entry!

THANK YOU TREMENDOUSLY for your thoroughness!