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This handbook is here to help members get acquainted with AHA policies, procedures, social norms, and rights and responsibilities of membership, as well as to provide a gateway to generally useful information.

Member Rights and Responsibilities

You are AHA. Our collective energy, creativity, resources, and enthusiasm is what keeps AHA happy and healthy. There are no paid staff, no bankrolling benefactors, and no "they" who do thing behind the scenes. AHA works because we do. Our tireless and dedicated board of directors are volunteers and members just like you, so consider running for a board position! If you see something that needs to be done, do it! If not you, who? If not now, when?

Being a member of AHA is great, you're part of a community and get access to cool stuff. Your have rights a harassment-free space where you and your work are treated with respect. We prioritize safety and comfort of members of all backgrounds. If at any point you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please let someone know—lets deal with it.

We also have responsibilities to respect the people, the space, and the organization of AHA.

Respect the people

Be nice! We strive for a supportive community. If you need some tips, see HOWTO Be Awesome.

Harassment, bigotry or generally antisocial behavior are not tolerated at AHA and will result in revoked membership. We have a detailed anti-harassment policy.

Respect the Space

Please do:

  • Leave the space cleaner and more usable than you found it.
  • Clean up after yourself, put stuff where it belongs; this is a shared space, so help keep it pretty and usable for everyone!
  • Be familiar with the work space safety equipment and Safety page on the AHA Wiki
  • If you are the last to leave, make sure to follow the closing procedures
  • Report any safety concerns immediately

Please Don't:

  • Do not use any equipment if you don't feel safe operating it.
  • Do not use any equipment if you feel like you might damage it.
  • No illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons (physical or biological).
  • The AHA Makerspace IS NOT a hotel, a childcare facility or rent-a-storage.
  • Do not leave non-members alone after hours in the space. Even if they’re your friends.
  • Do not use equipment that requires a class if you haven't completed the class or made arrangements.

This is not all encompassing, but should give you a basic idea. If you’re unsure, ask!

Respect the Organization

  • Remember that you are AHA and that a lot of people have worked hard to make this space a reality.
  • Please pay dues by the first Thursday/Build Night of the month if using cash or card or recurring via PayPal (preferred)!.
  • If you're officially volunteering (e.g. as part of your membership dues), please report your volunteering.

How do I...

...correct information on this wiki?

Make an account and hit that edit button!

...access the bathroom when I'm at the space?

Please see the bathroom information page!

...use the network printer?

It's an IP printer. You need to be on the physical network or members wifi. Look on the printer's interface or the Printers page for more info.

...use a locker?

You put a lock on it! Please also label it with masking tape with your name and contact info and only use one locker at a time, and really only when you need it. The lockers are for overnight storage of projects in progress or your bag while you're in the space—think YMCA not an orange climate controlled self-storage by the freeway.

...leave stuff at AHA?

It's fine to leave a half-finished project in the space from time to time as long as it's out of the way. For short term leaving, such as overnight, make sure to prominently label the "stuff" with a note with the date, what it is, who is responsible, and how to contact them. For longer term leaving, such as a week, please file a Parking Pass, and affix it to the "stuff" in question. to social media?

Please do! We share our social media account credentials on a reasonably need-to-know basis, but feel free to ask around to find who has them.