Minutes:12 MAR 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting attendees: Nate Yost, Larry Works, Dana Nelson, Tyler Worman, Martin Sager, Adam Funk, Josh Williams

Meeting starts at: 19:12

Meeting ends at:

(15 min) Open For All!

  • A woman from the UM Computer Science Club called and is interested in getting their club involved in the community. Wants to check out the space. She has our contact info.
  • Dana: Kits for Newbs!
    • EMG SpikerShield (works with Arduino)
    • EMG Spikerbox (Free via Dana Hookup!)
    • Makey Makey
    • Button Maker T150 w/supplies to make ~100+ Buttons (Arriving next week)
      • ButtonGuy.net = Instructions!
      • Thinking: Suggested Donation of ~$5 p/3 Buttons
    • Still have Fabric stuff, need to make kits
    • Screen Printing Stuff!
      • Need bigger sink setup!
      • Until then, screens have to be made at Dana's House
    • What next: Poster/Banner for promoting the kits (at AHA, at events, etc.)
    • Nate: Making sure money gets spent towards kits/promotion of kits
    • Josh/Dana meeting next week to promote access to kits, info, etc.
  • PenguiCon, to make buttons!

(5 min) Financial Update - Josh

February is an improvement in just about every area over January, some of that is a result of late membership dues being paid. Class/Workshop income is up and Board Donations helps a ton. The latter will show more so in next month's report. Creating a simple projection based on the past 2 - 6 months of income and expenses, we will go broke sometime between July & August

- http://goo.gl/gjFpQg 
- This is a more realistic projection than last month's update
- We lose approximately $375 p/month.

See attached February, along with January/February Comparison P&L Files for details.

Account Balances as of 3/12/2014 Total Cash: $3339 (TCF, Paypal, Cash on Hand)

Owed/Reserved: $1527 $800 - Temp cash infusion from Larry for 501c3 Filing. $233 - Reserved for Awesome Foundation / AHA Kits) $494 - Uncashed iQguys checks (Provided to last week, they are out of town)


Net Cash: $1812 (Total Cash - Owed/Reserved)

Back Membership Dues Owed: $0 - $500 depending on how we deal with it. See "Contact" section of members. Some of these members:

- May have paid but was not properly recorded
- No longer come to AHA, but we have not collected keys.
- Come to AHA once ever couple months
- Come to AHA Regularly

(5 min) Facilities Update - Josh

(10 min) Member Meeting: Goals!

  1. Get Pictures + Post on Lockers
  2. Get Profiles updated on AHA Website?