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For members with 24/7 access, employees, etc.

If we are open to the public

  • ie: someone is on shift at the front desk), your responsibilities are:
  1. Keep the place safe & legal
  2. Clean up your mess
  3. Put tools back where they came from
  4. Help others keep the place safe & legal

If we are not open the public

  • ie: no one is on shift. You are responsible for The Shop. If there is more than one member down at the shop, this does not excuse you from your responsibilities:
  1. Everything listed above
  2. Lock up: Make sure back upstairs door, back downstairs door, front downstairs door, front upstairs door are locked
  3. Lights off: if you are the last to leave
  4. Electronics Workbench turned off (see orange power strip, making sure soldering irons are not left on)
  5. Walk through: Make sure you are the last to leave, and any people remaining are keyed members
    1. If you are unsure about someone's keyed status, ask them to demonstrate their ability to unlock downstairs front door for you
      1. Every member has been told this and agreed to do this IF asked, so do not hesitate to ask.
      2. This helps keep our space secure and the assets of companies paying to use the space.