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If you are an AHA member looking here for information on using the space during our re-opening phase, please go here instead: COVID-19 Policies.

This page is intended to collect resources, information, and important context for the COVID-19 outbreak, and what we can do with the hackerspace's resources to combat it.


Here are some current projects we can make using space resources. None of these designs are ours, so just read, don't write.

Maker Works is also doing this work! It would be best to coordinate with their designs and efforts, as they have more volunteer capacity, and direct connections with various hospitals to get the gear where it's needed.

Current Capabilities
Preferred Design Item Tools Materials Machine Time Labor Time Needed/Accepted By
Face Shield V3 Laser Cutter
  • 1/4" extruded sheet Acrylic
  • 1/64" - 1/16" PETG or PC (transparency sheets can work)
~10 m ? (low) ? (TBD)
Hole Punch Face Shield Laser Cutter
  • 1/4" extruded sheet Acrylic
  • 1/64" - 1/16" PETG or PC (transparency sheets can work)
~6 minutes ? (low) The Operation Face Shield Ann Arbor Facebook group is currently coordinating production & need of face shields locally
Preferred ABS Strip Face Shield Laser Cutter, Heat Gun, Boiling Water, Forms, Acetone, Acid Brush
  • 1/16" or 3/32" thick ABS flat stock
  • Mylar or Lexan, 5 mil or thicker.
~45 seconds ? (medium length) Maker Works is accepting these in coordination with UM and other local hospitals. They have volunteer staff to accept unfinished bands from us, and to clean them in an ozone closet provided by the UM COVID-19 response team.

Cloth Face Masks has some sewing patterns for making face masks that may prolong the life of a medical-grade N95 mask; or for last-ditch use when the N95s run out. Also has a resource to connect mask makers with health care institutions.

Facial Shield

This Google Drive has files for different face shields in it. A face shield is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to provide a barrier against droplets from sick patients which may potentially carry the virus.

This "Hole Punch" face shield is similar to the Face Shield V3 from the above resource, but is designed for visors with the standard 3-hole punch hole pattern, which makes visor manufacture dead simple.

This 3D-printable facial shield frame looks to be a relatively mature design, with good documentation. It would be even better if we could make a lasercut-only version.

Maker Works folks have been hard at work on this too, and have a 2-strip face shield design that can be much more quickly made on a laser cutter, though it requires some assembly after the fact involving acetone, boiling water, forms, and a heat gun.

Users must be able to disinfect these face shields without damaging them. Thankfully, this Disinfection Compatibility Spreadsheet indicates that PET can be disinfected in many ways without suffering damage.

Rotary Valve Pressure Control Ventilator

This document describes a proposed Rotary Valve Pressure Control Ventilator, designed to be laser-cut for quick manufacture. 3D files are here, and will be updated as the design is iterated and refined.

Local Mutual Aid Groups

These are social projects, rather than technical projects: ways we can directly help each other through mutual aid. These are great ways of being in touch with what people need, so that our resources can actually meet people's needs vs what we think is needed.