Membership Coordinator

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Awesome person responsible for this: Alex White (primary) (, Brian Morse (as Operations Director) (

The Membership Coordinator helps make sure that potential, new, and outgoing members are processed in a beautifully efficient fashion.

Time estimate: 2-3 hours per week.

Some specific responsibilities include:

  • Making blank membership forms accessible (staff desk)
  • Ensuring membership data is up to date (Google Member Doc & Quickbooks)
  • Adding members to the appropriate mailing lists (weekly)
  • Making sure member dues are up to date (monthly)
  • Following up with past due members (1 reminder)
  • Making lockers accessible (same time as key is delivered)
  • Monthly Member Status Report to Board of Directors (Google Doc Sharing)
  • Maintaining info on the membership process (Continuous Improvement Process)

Various pages of information exist within the wiki about this process.