Minutes:27 MAR 2024 Financial Planning

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Meeting begins: 2025

Meeting ends: 2133

Meeting attendees: Nate Y., Joe D., James K., Sarah B.

  • Quickbooks progress:
    • Documentation is done!
  • Grants:
  • Budget notes:
    • Move money to another bank/credit union? Interest rate is abysmal
      • someone needs to compare rates and find options. Shop it around at members meeting. Credit union is recommended
      • Call our bank to see what our interest rate really is at the moment... Seems incredibly low. - Joe D.
    • Loans coming due in the next several months - before April. make payment decision after strategic planning
      • No change in plans -- Nate will set up payments for April
    • Digital ocean Money - what should we do with it. Discuss at members meeting
      • James suggests running a TOR relay (not an exit node) -- low overhead, good value for otherwise unspent funds.
    • Joe made a budget request form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13_av4mDWc590PjGS8JxCuopYcyovFyUquPuVtKKFG4c/edit
      • Good to have a more formal process in place, to manage expectation
      • We can review these items at the Members' Meeting following the request, where they can be voted on
      • The wish list covers similar ground, but should be clearly listed primarily a way to get items donated from an external source, not purchased by AHA
      • We can clarify the process in the Wiki article: Wish List - Nate will add to the room description in #Operations
  • Action items:
    • Future SEO/Adwords discussion: defer until after strategic planning - strategic planning still needs to be planned!
  • Finances Channel needs to have non-relevant people removed/ dedicated board channel needs to be spun up
    • Ideas:
      • Spin up a new Finances Committee channel that is public, invite folks who attend this meeting
      • Rename the private Finances channel to Financial Records, have only folks who are directly involved in finances in there