Second Day on the Grind

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Ooooh, you're still here!

Rock on, today should be a little less grunt like. If it's not too busy, hopefully you'll learn how to use some cool tools : ) Thanks again!

What should I know / have done by the end of today?

 Explain what our upcoming events are

 Explaining to someone how to become a member of AHA

This process needs some serious attention

 Being Awesome

 Skim over the First Day Wiki

 Have read over this page

 Learned how to use one of the following tools

 Made something beautiful

  • Here are some ideas. These are just suggestions, feel free to make something else beautiful
  • * .5 Hour: Lending Library / Display area (always needs straightening/updating)
  • * ~?Hour?: Fairy Door (could use some love)
  • * .5 Hour: Front Entrance (is always in need of a good vacuuming, and people are always rubbing their grubby fingers on the glass)
  • * .5 Hour: Bathrooms (can never be clean enough)
  • * ~?Hour?: Computer Area (cables are always in need of untangling)
  • * .5 Hour: Shop Floor (loves the broom, make it purr)
  • * .5 Hour: Make the internet a more beautiful place by making a 3D Scan of yourself and sharing it online.