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First Day on the Grind

First Day on the Grind this section is toooooo large to be kept here. The link will shower you with information that should make life easier for you (the person on staff) and those around you.

Space Inventory:

Update this document to do an inventory of the space. This helps us track what we have and what we need to buy more of. The inventory information was previously kept in this wiki, but to aid in the ease of updating it has been moved to a Google Doc that does not require logging in to use.

Want to help refill inventory?

  1. First, double check to make sure the item is actually out.
  2. Feel free to spend up to ~$25 to acquire any items missing from the inventory list.
    1. Make sure you get a receipt.
    2. Reimbursement can happen via the cash drawer, just make sure the receipt has all the info on it and:
      1. The receipt gets placed in the receipt folder to the right of the register.

Laser cutter maintenance:

The laser cutter needs to be cleaned at least once a month. This involves removing the bed and carefully vacuuming all debris from it.

Additionally the coolant bucket below is filled with distilled water. Every three months this should be emptied and refilled with only DISTILLED WATER! NO TAP WATER IS TO BE USED!

Last Cleaned: 12/15/2013 - Tyler W. Last Water Change:

Update Computers:

Run windows update on all lab computers.

Last Update date: 12/xx/2013 - Tyler W.

Staff Projects:

Often members have projects which needs several pieces to be run on the laser cutter or 3D printer. You can help them out by contacting the members below about the projects listed below and running the parts for them.

Member Name / Project

Empty Cans:

Cans are presently taken from the back room and returned by John Huhn. If the stockpile is full, let him know.

Kitchen Area:

Supplies in the kitchen which are past their end date need to be thrown own. Additionally make sure all bags are sealed. This should be done at least once a month.

Last purge:


Purgatory occasionally gets out of hand. At least once a month these items should be organized, straigtened, documented, photographed and sent to the mailing list. A week after that is done we are then able to purge purgatory.

Sorting categories may include, trash, recycle, re-use/thrift.