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Ongoing Issues


  1. Problem: We are often low on inventory for concessions, paper towels, toilet paper, tape, etc.
    1. Solution: Communicate with person responsible by 7/22/2012
      1. Make sure they know what the needs are
      2. Ask if there is anything we can do to make their job easier
      3. Follow up in one month to see if problem is resolved

Physical Space

  1. Problem: Tools are often left out
    1. Solution #1: Clean the place up by 7/22/2012
      1. Make sure tool location is easily accessible, and marked
    2. Solution #2: Establish with all shift/staff the requirement of making sure tools get put away by 07/22/2012
      1. Make sure they know where tools should go
      2. Make sure they feel comfortable communicating the need to keep the place clean / organized with those that are not helping : )
  1. Problem: Dirty - Tables need wiping, floor needs sweeping, etc.
    1. Solution #1: Clean the place up by 07/22/2012
      1. Make sure shift/staff know what the place should look like before they leave
      2. Make sure shift/staff know the responsibility of helping maintain this cleanliness

Space Improvement Projects

  1. Problem: Projects that could be completed with one or two solid days end up taking weeks of a couple hours here / there
    1. Solution #1: Establish a biweekly (twice monthly) recurring Sunday to help make improvements to the space.
      1. Offer food to help entice. Possibly hold one of them after the recurring First Sunday Waffle Time


  1. Problem: Very little promotion of the space happens
    1. Solution #1: Get someone involved in helping out. Currently talking with John Spiher about this




  1. Problem: We do not have regularly occurring new events
    1. Solution #1: Actively communicate with things people are doing in the space, ask if they would be interested in doing a small talk / demonstration
      1. Larger events are AWESOME, but getting more regular free mini workshops, talks, discussions about interesting things people are doing would
        1. Help grow a stronger community by getting like minded people together
        2. Possibly help people finish their projects quicker / more efficiently by getting like minded people together
    2. Solution #2: Find someone to help make this, and more prominent events happen