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Tools at AHA!

Safety is everyone's priority here at AHA. Please only use tools you are comfortable using. If you aren't comfortable, ask someone to help!

For a full listing of tools / tool pages, please try the Tools category page

Automated Tools
Tool Authorization/Training Status
Laser Cutter Yes Running
3D Printer Yes Running
Vinyl Cutter No Running
Electronics Tools
Tool Authorization/Training Status
Breadboards No In Stock
Function Generators Unknown Running
Microcontrollers ? ?
Oscilloscope ? Running
Power Supplies ? ?
Soldering Tools Yes Running
Electronics Supplies No Available
Hand Tools
Tool Authorization/Training Status
Crimping No ?
Cutting No ?
File & Sand No ?
Hammers No ?
Measuring No ?
Pliers No ?
Saws No ?
Screw Drivers No ?
Staple, Rivet, Punch No ?
Wrenches & Keys No ?
Power Tools
Tool Authorization/Training Status
Circular Saw No? Running
Dremel No Running
Drill Press Yes? Running
Drills - Corded No Running
Heat Gun No? Running
Lathe Yes Running
Sawzall No Running
Scroll Saw No? Running
Jigsaw No? ?
Craft Tools
Tool Authorization/Training Status
Sewing Machines No ?
Labeling Machines No ?
Misc Craft Supplies No ?
Laminator No Running
Egg Bot No ?

We also have a Spotwelder in unknown condition.

Computers that are part of running machines shouldn't even be listed separately... Computers: CNC Machine | Laser Cutter | Vinyl Cutter | 3D Printer | Single linux box