Third Day on the Grind

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How did you get to be so beautiful?

Hopefully you're starting to feel comfortable being down here. There are probably a million more things that we should cover in these guides, but we won't know unless you let us know, or add it in yourself!

Or maybe this is enough? Either way, thanks a ton for continuing to help out. This place is what we make of it, have fun!

What should I know / have done by the end of today?

 Review First & Second Day Guides

 Watching the shop on your own

  • It's not expected that you know how every little thing works down here. That's okay!
  • It is expected that you will give an honest try to help someone make and create.
  • It is expected that you ask for help! Doing so not only helps you learn, but it also helps establish with newcomers that 'asking for help' is acceptable!

 Don't get bored!

Feel free to add to this!

  1. Help someone with their project
  2. Document proper use of a tool/tips on our wiki
  3. Take a picture of someone's project, post it on our AHA Facebook Page or get access and make a post on AHA's website!
  4. Make something beautiful! Check out the Made Something Beautiful page for some suggestions.

 Small helpful / random nuggets

Feel free to add to this!

  1. If you can't make it to a shift, email the AHA Staff Mailing list to ask for a replacement/shift swap: )
    1. If no one can work the shift, email the AHA Members and AHA Public list and let them know we will be closed during that time.
    2. A week heads up is great. Less than that and someone will be sad, but that's okay.
  2. Keep your eyes and ears open, this can help a number of things:
    1. Some times people forget to clean up, remind them before they try to leave you/someone else with the mess!
    2. Some times people forget to wear safety glasses, or clamp things down on the drill press. Save their eyes and fingers!*
      1. * Saving eyes and fingers is a good idea regardless of their attachment to their physical body.

Suggested items

items people have suggested we cover!

  • its okay to be on your computer, but MUST be aware of people coming in and out and greeting them asap.
  • Best way to be aware...FACE THE DOOR!
  • what happens when internet goes out
  • list of general contacts for resources (Nick R. - Facilities, Larry W. - Management and rental, Nick R. & Tyler W.-3d printer, Nate Y., Tyler W. for website & Wiki)
  • Upcoming Classes and Events is currently coordinated by Larry W.