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Idea 1: fix this page. Maybe merge duplicates, and separate into ongoing and one-off projects.

  • Running Classes
  • Update the wiki page for a tool you are familiar with.
  • Help move the wiki to new server or platform
  • Marketing
    • Interview members about projects and publish to social channels
    • Promote upcoming events on social
    • make sure our listings in directories like Ann Arbor observer are up to date
  • Social
    • organize and market a quarterly social hour (via zoom? In a park?). People can share projects with each other.
  • Fundraising
    • Find corporate sponsors, keep them updated on what good things their money is doing.
  • Community outreach
    • Make sure we don't miss community events where we would fit and connect to the public / prospective members
    • Find other organizations we can partner with for projects (make PPE, 3D print tools or learning aids for physically or developmentally disabled people)
    • Run a repair night with different themes each week (vacuums, phones, etc)
  • Social (again)
    • Organize fun projects. E.g. Building a puppet for festifools, running a hackathon
    • Also "weird-/hacked-foods" potlucks at Island Park
    • Fancy outfit tea party on the Diag
    • AHA Flotilla from Argo to Gallup
  • Partner with scouting, schools, etc
  • Find a way for people to learn how to use new tools
    • laser cutter
    • cnc router
    • vinyl cutter
    • lathe
    • 3D printers
    • vacuum pump / chamber
    • Write manuals, make video tutorials, etc.

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